Instant Commission Stream!

Please try to read this before sending me a commission email! After you read this, go ahead and send me a fully detailed email with what you’d like!

EMAIL: durnklalonde@gmail.com

What is ICS?
Instant Commission Stream! Instead of waiting days or even weeks for your commissions to be done, I work on your commission before your very eyes on Picarto stream! Commission can take from 15 minutes to 5 hours depending on what you asked.

I Will not accept commissions of the following:
– Scat
– Infantilism
– Guro
– Body deformities (like amputees, extra limbs, etc)
– Rape (I’m talking about crying, screaming girls. Rule of thumb: if the girl is crying/screaming, I probably won’t do it)

Keep in mind these are IMMEDIATE commissions. So they are priced higher than a regular commission.

These charges mostly apply if its an already existing character, or an OC with references on hand. So make sure to submit all references if you have an OC.

Solo subject with NO coloring – starts at $35
Two subjects with NO coloring- starts at $60
Solo subject with FULL coloring  – starts at $55
Two subjects with FULL coloring – starts at $70
-Minimal coloring (such as blush, colored tattoos, etc) will be $5-$10 depending on complexity.
-Extra chars are $10 uncolored, $30 colored.

$15 for a 30-minute sketch: this is a TIMED sketch. It can be whatever you want.